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We can be contacted by email  on westtyroneramblers@btinternet.com

Remember this is your website. Please send emails with information for the website to the address above. Description of rambles you are shortly to lead / walk reports /poems / volunteers for Ramblers Profiles etc etc 


Our next walk will be on Saturday 17th February. Due to adverse weather this has now been changed to the Gortin Glens

Photos on this page from our latest walk to Victoria Bridge/Sion Mills

On Saturday February 3rd. twenty six ramblers assembled at  the car park at Mulligans Pub on the outskirts of Moneynena Co. Derry to take part in a B/C walk to Crockmore (478m) /Crockbrack(526m). The group set out along the Drumderg road following the marker posts for the Crockbrack Way. The weather was damp and drizzly when we set off but as we progressed uphill and on to a mountain track conditions deteriorated. The views across the countryside which we had hoped for were shrouded in mist. As we left the track walking towards the higher summit of Crockbrack we  were plodding through very wet boggy terrain while the rain had now become hail, sleet and snow. On reaching the summit we became aware that one walker was struggling with the cold and feeling very weak. We soon decided that help must be sought. The Mountain Rescue personnel were alerted. Lunch was taken and it was decided that everyone would return to the starting point by the same route we had followed up. A group of five remained with the walker who was unwell to await the arrival of the Mountain Rescue crew. The group are very much indebted to the help which was provided by the Mountain Rescue team who took great care to ensure that everyone made a safe return to Mulligans Pub. We are also indebted to the proprietor of the pub who provided tea and snacks for the entire group. It was a day which will not be quickly forgotten by those who were taking part.

West Tyrone Ramblers - Saturday 3 March 2018
Newry Canal Towpath – Portadown to Scarva
The walk is 10 km long on a tarmac path which is flat the whole way.
Notes for Ramblers
Since this is an A to B walk, two sets of cars are needed to avoid long delays in shuttling
walkers between start and finish
In Omagh, before departure, walkers will be asked to form groups of 4 or 5 persons, with 2
drivers in each group, identified as Car A and Car B. Both cars to travel.
On leaving Omagh all cars will travel to Scarva where car A will park in the grounds of Sinton’s
Restaurant. The occupants of Car A get into car B which drives to Portadown and parks in
Meadows Lane Car Park, alongside TESCO’s
All Ramblers then walk from Portadown to Scarva, where refreshments have been booked in
Sinton’s Restaurant. Use of the carpark for the day, soup and a roll, tea / coffee £7.00 per
person ! It is a posh restaurant with nice facilities.
Occupants of Car B get into Car A, return to Portadown, collect their cars and drive back to
The round trip Omagh – Scarva – Portadown – Omagh is 104 miles.
Newry Canal Towpath Portadown to Scarva
This walk can be found on the Walk Northern Ireland website www.walkni.com. The website
has notes and OS maps of the route which can be down loaded. From the menu download
Sections 1, 2 and 3 for coverage of the whole walk

Introduction to Club and New Members info

Based in Omagh (often referred to as Omagh Walking Club) the Club has over 100 members.  Walks take place on alternate Saturdays and Sundays throughout the year, departing from Omagh Leisure Centre Car Park at 09.30am  Examples of the places we go and the sort of walks we do can be found in Walk Reports. 

New walkers are welcome to join us for a free trial walk.
If unsure of your ability try a Grade C Walk first.
For your enjoyment and safety please follow the club rules.   For more information refer to our FAQs [Frequently Asked Questions] or contact any member of the committee You can also find us on Facebook.

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Saturday  February 17th

Gortin Glens

Grade B

Bernie McAleer & Mary Colgan

07769 707160