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Name : Nick Fitton

Lives : Omagh

Born in: Belfast

Family: All Lancastrian going back hundreds of years. There's a whiff of French on my mother's side.

First memory of Rambling : David Haddow suggested I become a member - that must have been in the mid 1990's. I didn't take him up then, but wish I had

First WTR walk : Eagle Rock in 2002, led by Jenny Hemphill. I well remember it because I had just been discharged from hospital following a bout of life threatening pneumonia and had been advised not to do anything too physically demanding for several weeks!

Favourite walks : Knockallagh ridge: Aroo: Silver hill: Urris Hills

Most Memorable Walks : Slieve League : Aroo: Slieve Snacht in the rain!

Positions held on WTR Comittee : treasurer

Brand of Boots : Meindl

Accessories never to forget on walks : Compass / map and walking pole

Favourite Music : Classical, ballet, opera, jazz (trad and modern), rock, swing

Least Favourite music: Country, which I really cannot stand, and modern classical composers

Favourite food: Rhubarb tart and ice cream

Walking Sandwiches : Banana

Drink : Tea, water, wine.

TV : I rarely watch it, preferring to watch paint dry : radio is best, specifically Lyric FM, Classic FM, Radios 4 & 3.

Reading : Anything on flying, especially WW1 aviation : Russian history, Physics, Buddhism: Russian classic authors

Other Interests : I am a Private Pilot, flying light aircraft, gliders and microlight aircraft. aeromodelling, horticulture, aircraft preservation, Imperial Russia, animal welfare, the environment, politics, economics - I'm never bored

Dislikes: all religions, football, soap operas, most TV programmes

Pets; I am a cat lover. I've never not had one in my entire life!

Embarrassing Rambling Moments : (1) Getting lost when driving back to a walk starting point - must have been all of 50 metres away! I was driven to distraction by the three ladies on board all talking loudly at once! (2) A walk report, which I had produced by request for 'a certain member' was in written in humorous style. 'Certain member' loved it, but it was not well received by 'a cttee. member'.

Reasons why I go out with WTR : scenery / exercise / craic

January 2015 - Joan Cunningham

February 2015 - Tricia Rowan-Quinn

March 2015 - Joan Quinn

April 2015 - Audrey Hill

May 2015 - Desmond Preston

June 2015 - Jim McBain

July 2015 -  Joy McCraken