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Name: Audrey Hill

Lives: Omagh

Joined the Ramblers: Been a member of the club since its formation in 1990

First memory of rambling: As a child, taking buttered Rich Tea biscuits and a bottle of lemonade on what I considered was a picnic expedition to the top of Balix hill.

First WTR's Walk: Pigeon Top on 13 October 1990 (the 1st official WTR walk)

Favourite Walks: anywhere in the Mournes and the North Coast.

Most Memorable Walk: There have been so many over the last 25 years, but one that stands out was in Fermanagh, led by Margaret Gallagher from the Belcoo Heritage Society. We were finishing the walk in the dark and had to cross a wide deep river, those not brave enough to wade across (many of us) were carried across piggyback style by some of the strong, brave males in the group.

Favourite Walking Holiday Destinations: Austria, Corsica

Places you would like to ramble: Madeira and Switzerland

Position held on WTR's Committee: Several Committees (including the 1st WTR Committee)  Secretary and Treasurer

Brand of Boots: Brasher

Accessory never to forget on walks: Boots, waterproofs and of course a tasty lunch

Favourite MusicAny jive dance music and Johann Strauss waltz music

Food: Italian, and a Roast Lamb dinner - as long as I don't have to cook it

Walking Sandwich: Salad

Drink: Tea, and a glass of chilled white wine while relaxing

TV: Period dramas

Reading: Fiction books that make me stay up far too late

Other Interests: Reading. Travelling, especially to experience different lifestyles and cultures

Embarrassing Rambling Moment: Can't think of any

Reasons why I go out with WTR's: The opportunity to venture out to different walking locations and to visit places I may not otherwise have visited. The help and support of the walk leaders is invaluable giving me the confidence to tackle walks which I might otherwise have shied away from on my own. As a social activity and a great way to meet people

January 2015 - Joan Cunningham

February 2015 - Tricia Rowan-Quinn

March 2015 - Joan Quinn